I am registered as dietitian and nutritionist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and hold a Masters degree in Nutrition (cum laude), a Bachelors degree in Dietetics, as well as a Yale-accredited certification in Advanced Health Programme Management. My professional career spans more than two decades, with experience in both the private and public health sectors.  I started my career in a rural public hospital in 1997 and have gained progressive work experience up to the provincial nutrition programme management level. In this position, I was responsible for the management of several nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions – from policy development and planning to monitoring and evaluation.  Programme performance areas included infant and young child nutrition, the prevention and management of severe acute malnutrition, targeted nutrition supplementation, the prevention of micro-nutrient malnutrition, antenatal and maternal nutrition, as well as medical nutrition therapy and food service administration.

Over the past twenty five years I have served and continue to serve on executive and management committees of various professional associations. At the end of 2018, I started my journey as independent public health and nutrition consultant, with priority focus on health policy and system research as well as providing technical support towards nutrition education and policy development. Our private practice in White River, Mpumalanga, allows me to share my nutrition expertise with individuals, apply evidence-based recommendations in a real-world environment.

I am known for my practical approach to applying evidence-based recommendations in a real-world environment, combining extensive operational experience with a passion for research and evidence.


My research and work outputs are reflected in peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, presentations at academic conferences and symposiums, as well as other platforms.

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