Developing learning health systems: building alliance and piloting processes to inform and support local decision-making for COVID-19

Facilitate new collaboration and capacities between global public health academics and service planners to support evidence-based decision making in COVID-19 responses. The overall aim of the project is to leverage support to develop learning health system methodologies internationally towards the development of and outline proposal to further apply and evaluate the methodologies.

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Review and update national food ration scales for public hospitals and health institutions

This project included a review of nutrient reference goals for different age groups in line with existing national and international policies and current scientific evidence, with recommendations for nutrient reference goals to be used for nutrient requirements for hospital patients in South Africa; and draft food ration scales guidelines developed accordingly. The outputs of consultative meetings with academic, public and private stakeholders were incorporated into final national food ration scales guidelines.

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Verbal Autopsy with Participatory Action Research (VAPAR) 

I am a co-investigator in this collaborative learning platform, addressing exclusion from access to health systems by connecting service user and providers to generate and act on research evidence of practical, local relevance.

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Product development

Develop nutrient goals for food products according to the nutritional requirements of specific target groups. Conduct nutrient analysis of food products and advise on product reformulation towards specific nutritional targets, in collaboration with a food technologist.

Fostering policy support for family and child health and wellbeing

Country focal person for the South African case study “Building support and policy change for integrated school health”.  The case study presents learning and insights to promote policy recognition and change in family and child health and wellbeing by demonstrating how academic groups, government officials and development partners collaboratively developed and implemented holistic school health and wellbeing policy.

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Evaluating a collaborative learning platform to strengthen rural primary health care: a review of the VAPAR programme in Mpumalanga, South Africa

I facilitated a mid-term review of the VAPAR programme, applying rapid, participatory evaluation techniques. This study – conducted at local, provincial and national level – contributes to the evaluative evidence base on embedded systems research, to enhance implementation and impact of health systems strengthening programmes.

The Seedling Vegan Kitchen

Along with Marian Cottle – vegan chef, restauranteur and hotelier, we developed and analysed recipes for ‘one-pot’ vegan meals and drafted product label content in line with all applicable regulations. The Seedling Vegan Kitchen at Old Joe’s Kaia presents various types of vegan cooking workshops for those wanting to learn more about preparing delicious vegan meals the alternative way.

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Developing learning health systems in South Africa

Building interdisciplinary capacity for evidence-based decision-making and health systems strengthening to improve care and outcomes.

Extending the sustainability and transferability of people-centred health systems research

Providing organisational and strategic supporting in a consultancy to this multi-national project, towards the facilitation of research dissemination activities.

Critical reading of academic course material

Review and editing of academic course material content, with a focus on public health nutrition and infant and young child feeding.